"When I was seven years old, I killed my father.
When I was eleven years old, I killed my mother.

Somehow, I will get the perfect revenge."


Inspirational Fiction

Author and philanthropist WilD is on a quest to promote women's empowerment, and The Perfect Revenge book series is part of this mission.

Get comfortable and enjoy the wild ride.


Once you start, you can't put it down.


A tribute to the power women have within and what they can accomplish once it's unleashed.

                                          —A. V.

'The Perfect Revenge' is one of those rare novels that has all the required ingredients to make the reader finish it in one sitting — interesting characters, a plot full of unexpected twists and turns, clever dialogue, and well-crafted descriptions. It's empowering, entertaining, and inspiring. Highly recommended.

               —Self-Publishing M, Media

From The Perfect Revenge: The Dragonfly Rises

    "I'm not really sure why I called," I said, "other than some of those words on your brochure caught my eye. I'm a woman, and I'm sure feeling like a victim, and I sure as hell could use some empowerment and—”

    "What's your name?"


    "It sounds like you have a story, Zoey."


Packed with espionage, street justice, and more, the series, though far from ordinary, is inspired by real women who have overcome severe challenges.

Zoey's emotion-filled metamorphosis makes her a global symbol of transformation and possibility.  Her roller-coaster ride continues as she faces down dramatic and even dangerous circumstances throughout the sexy saga.