"’The Perfect Revenge’ is one of those rare novels that has all the required ingredients to make the reader finish it one sitting — interesting characters, a plot full of unexpected twists and turns, clever dialogue, and well-crafted descriptions. It's empowering, entertaining, and inspiring. Highly recommended."

—Self-Publishing M, Media

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The first installment of a series, The Perfect Revenge: The Dragonfly Rises is the start of an empowering journey. Sending a strong message to women trapped in abusive environments, the seemingly far-from-ordinary story is inspired by real women like Zoey.

Zoey had a happy childhood until her life took an abrupt turn, sending her spiraling into loss, isolation, and abuse—a dangerous mix that could have ruined her life forever.

But she finds the strength to reach out for help. Through the discipline of higher education and martial arts, she manages to build a life worth having.

Created to inspire other young women to overcome their challenges and achieve personal fulfillment, Zoey represents every young woman trapped in an abusive environment or suffering from neglect or hopelessness. She is meant as a global symbol of transformation and possibility.