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Indie Award - 2 (B)

The Dragonfly Rises

Power. Lust. Betrayal. Murder. 

Blamed for the deaths of both her parents, Zoey Tirado is raised under the cruel control of her wealthy Uncle Max—an obsessive narcissist whose vicious deeds scar Zoey’s future forever. Zoey manages to escape, but feeling powerless and alone, lets her life spiral out of control.

Finally ready for help, Zoey is taken under the wing of a champion female fighter who guides her on a journey of transformation and empowerment by helping her strengthen both her body and her mind.

Rising above her past, Zoey focuses on her ultimate goal: exacting the perfect revenge.

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Inspirational Fiction

A page-turner you want to never end. I can't wait for the sequel!


Ultimately sends a message of hope. Evil can be overcome.


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Secrets of the Dragonfly

Passion. Treachery. Greed. Scandal.

Zoey Tirado is back—and she’s ready for business.

After taking flight to San Francisco armed with an Ivy League degree and a black belt, the twenty-eight-year-old numbers-savant is recruited by the government to solve high-level financial crimes. Her teammate, hired-gun Mark Morton, is a cocky womanizer who enjoys pushing her buttons. The two soon find themselves in a high-stakes chase against dangerous criminals to save the Western economy—and maybe the world itself.

With tensions rising and desires heating up, Zoey realizes she must face down lingering secrets from her past if she wants to have it all. As explosive truths surface, so does a haunting question: Can Zoey get an even more perfect revenge this time around?


Our branded merchandise offers fun ways to celebrate the dragonfly inside you, and your loved ones! Each purchase supports our mission to promote women’s empowerment. 

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COMING SOON! Our most exclusive branded item: A stylish denim baseball cap embroidered with the Wild Dragonfly logo, just like one Zoey wears! 

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Intrigued by the book’s mission, singer Debbie Goodman joined the team behind the project and wrote Dragonfly, Dragonfly as an homage to the journey of the main character. Her band recorded it and performs it live around the LA area. Listen to it here.

Lyrics & Credits

Your cruelty
A burning memory
Let it burn like the rest
Let it burn just like my dress
Watch my metamorphosis
Dragonfly, Dragonfly


This deep hurt
Which I have not revealed
A change is coming by
Let it hover--let it fly
What's a part of life will never die
Dragonfly, Dragonfly

Sweet, sweet, sweet sweet revenge
Sweet, sweet, sweet sweet revenge

La-La-La Leave Ah-ah-achieve Fa-fa-find peace in sweet revenge
La-La-La Leave Ah-ah-achieve Fa-fa-find peace in sweet revenge

You know there's a change in the sky, Dragonfly, Dragonfly
There is a change by and by, Dragonfly, Dragonfly

I see a change in your eyes, Dragonfly, Dragonfly
There's a change my oh my, Dragonfly, Dragonfly

Sweet, sweet, sweet sweet revenge
Sweet, sweet, sweet sweet revenge

Fighting Crawling Retching Bawling
The pain is insane
But while my blood is slowly falling
There's no quitting in my veins

Music and lyrics by Debbie Goodman
Performed by Debbie Goodman (vocals & guitar), Bill Hayes (bass), Preston Gray (percussion), and Steve “Bone Daddy” Kane (guitar)
Produced and mixed by Steve “Bone Daddy” Kane


Band_Left Side
Band_Right Side

After recording and performing as a solo artist, lead singer and guitarist Debbie Goodman founded her own band in 2014, backed by many of the best musicians in the industry. The group has played steadily at venues throughout Southern California, entertaining audiences with eclectic covers of popular hits and Debbie’s acclaimed indie originals. 

So-Cal Music Fans

Attend your first gig of Debbie & the GoodMan Band to support The Perfect Revenge mission and receive a FREE paperback copy of The Dragonfly Rises!